Framing Your Fabric Square: 
Each square can be framed in many ways. Here are two suggestions: 

Frame with Squares: 

  1. Cut 16 squares, 9/8 inches on a side. Choose fabrics close in color to your background. 
  2. Sew four together in a strip. Sew the strip along one side of the square. 
  3. Repeat for opposite side of square. 
  4. Sew 6 squares into a strip. Sew this strip onto the third side of the square. 
  5. Repeat for fourth side of square. 
Note: The bird,  pumpkin, leaf, and flower pictured from my cover quilt have strips of fabric sewn along two opposite sides of each design. This was done to make these design squares fall in the right place in the overall cover design.

Frame in a Medallion:

  1. Cut 8 squares, 9/8 inches on a side, from the same fabric you used for the background.  Cut 8 squares of a contrasting color.
  2. Place a background square right sides together with a contrasting square.  Sew on the diagonal.  Trim the seam and press open. You should now have a square made of two triangles.  Do this 7 more times. 
  3. Sew two of these squares made of triangles together so the background colors join making a point.  Do this 3 more times.
  4. For the other small squares around the design square you can make more “half-square triangles” or you can use simple squares.  For simple squares cut 12 squares from your contrasting fabric. For squares made with triangles cut 24 squares and join them as in Step 2.
  5. Sew a square (either a plain square or one made with triangles) on either side of one of your “points” from Step 3.  Sew this strip along one side of your design square, being careful that the point goes away from the design.  Repeat for the opposite side. 
  6. Repeat Step 5 adding one more square at the end of each strip. Join these to the other sides of the design square.

Note: If you wish to frame your cherries in a medallion, you may want to have your background color in all four corners.  To do this add an extra piece of background fabric across the corner of the leaf on Section B, seaming on the dotted line.

    You can finish an individual block to make a small article such as a pot-holder or hot-plate, or join blocks together to create a larger quilt.