Pattern for Paper Snowman:
from PIECES: A Year in Poems and Quilts by Anna Grossnickle Hines
Directions for Paper Snowman:
  1. Cut out the pattern for a paper snowman, cutting all the pieces apart.  If the pattern is going to be used more than once or by young children, you may want to glue it onto stiff paper first, so the pieces will be easier to draw around. You may also want to eliminate the tiny corners on the head and scarf. The snowman will have a more square appearance, but will still work.
  2. Place each shape on a piece of appropriately colored paper.  Trace around the shape and cut it out. 
  3. Arrange all the colored pieces on a sheet of paper and glue them in place.   For young children you may want to copy the pattern so each child can use one for a base.  They can then match each shape to itís place and glue it down. 
Framing Your Paper Snowman:
An easy and fun way to frame your Snowman is to cut-out 20 one inch squares and paste them around the borders.  You could make a fancier frame by cutting the squares in half to make triangles and then mixing them so each square is made of two triangles of different colors or patterns.  Or you could simply paste your snowman onto another piece of colored paper. Another possibility is to  make several paper designs and paste them together on a larger sheet of paper to make a paper "quilt".  Have fun!