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Anna Grossnickle Hines * Articles and Talks

Just a Spark or Steady Fire?
SCBWI Bulletin November/December 1980
Do you really want to be a writer or are you just fooling around?

Seventeen Minds Trying to Catch Up With One:
A Checklist to Help Us Critique Our Own Manuscripts

Compiled by Jane Yolen's Centrum '81 Students, SCBWI Bulletin 1981
Looking for ways to improve your craft?

First Book: Ecstasy and Panic
SCBWI Bulletin July/August 1983
The thrilling challenge of selling, illustrating, and seeing my first book published.

No Magic Answers: How I Got Started
Mindprint Review, Summer 1983
Some good nitty-gritty how-to-get-started information.

On the Chin: Accepting Those Nasty Rejections
SCBWI Bulletin, May/June1985
What can you learn from those cryptic one-liners?

Reaching the Goal: The Magic Ingredient
Talk for Stanislaus Reading Council, January 1986
What did it take to go from a wanna-be to a published writer and illustrator?

Follow Your Dreams: Advice for Kids
What does it take to make a dream come true?

Facing Up to the "P" Word: Promotion
SCBWI Bulletin April/May 1994
So your book is published; now what?

Illustration Notes
Unpublished Advice to Beginning Illustrators
Some nitty-gritty info to help you get started.

Making Ordinary Magic: Creating the Picture Book
(or Living with Your Own Voice and Style and Making it Work for You in the Market Place)
SCBWI Regional Conferences in Texas and Nebraska 1995
Creating books from the heart to touch the hearts of young children.

The Voice of the Picture Book  
SCBWI Pocono Mountains Retreat April 1998
How do you pull together the sounds, images, and emotionally appropriate content for the very young?

Thoughts From an Unfinished Adult 
Penn&Ink, Eastern Pennsylvania SCBWI, Fall 1998
What do you say when someone wants to know when you're going to grow up and write a "real book"?

Getting it to Flow: Thoughts on Writer's Block 
Penn&Ink, Eastern Pennsylvania SCBWI, Spring 1999
I thought it couldn't happen to me. Ha!

Are We Having Fun Yet?
Penn&Ink, Eastern Pennsylvania SCBWI, Summer 1998
If you don't love your story, who will?

Read to a Child :Why It's Important
Why is reading to a child is so much more than entertainment?

Quilt's in a Children's Book
Published in  American Quilter Magazine, Winter 2002

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