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The following information about my Grossnickle ancestors was gathered by Francis Grossnickle, my great uncle. For more inclusive information try this website.
Peter Grosnickel: born ca 1728 Germany? from Wittenberg (or Wildbad?)

Arrived in US Oct. 1746 at Philadelphia, PA on ship Neptune (Strassburger's).
Baptismal sponsor 1754 at St. Michael's & Zion Lutheran Church, Philadelphia.
Died 1755? in Philadelphia?

Married November 14, 1749, at St. Michael's & Zion Lutheran church to Anna Margretha Becker (called Margaret), daughter of Bernhardt and Cathtina Becker; born 172?, baptismal sponser 1754, St. Michales & Zion; married 2nd time, Oct 5, 1756 at St. Michaels & Zion to Johannes Swambe (Schwambe/zwambe) (“widower from Cohenzie”)

Children: After father's death, sons were raised by father's brother, John.

1. Bernhard Peter (1750-1822)
2. Anna Maria (baptised June 1752 at St. Michaels & Zion)
3. John 1754-1815)

John Grosnickel (called Johannes or “Old John”), son of Peter and Margaret born 1754?, Philadelphia?, Philadelphia Co. PA.

Mentioned in Uncle John Grosnickel’s 1775 will and inherited his home farm in 1782 in Frederick Co. MD. Fined there in 1776, a “non-enroller pacifist”.

Frederick Co. land records: 1783 for “Hog Nest”, 1785 for “Look Well”, 1791 for “Strasburgh”, 1796 for “More Stones Left”.

1790 and 1800 census in Frederick Co., 1810 census in Conemaugh Twp., Cambria Co. PA.

Sold MD lands in three deeds of 1803, bought 202 acre “Eden” 1803 in Quemahonig Twp (now Conemaugh Twp.) and widow sold that farm 1818-19. Also bought 3 Conemaugh twon lots in 1804 and sold in 1807, “signed in the German language”.

Will, signed 1815 in German script, directed immediate sale of all real and personal estate, with children (not named) to share equally after wife’s death, but son Jonathan “not faithful to me and left when...18 years,” was to have 3 years wages deducted first.

Died: October 1815, Conemaugh Twp. Cambria Co.

Married September 2, 1777 in the Evangelical Lutheran Church, Frederick, Frederick Co., to Elizabeth Nieth, daughter of Jacob Nieth. Elizabeth signed with mark 1816-1818 as executer of husband’s will, gave testimony in 1818 in matter of disagreement between husband and son Jonathan.


1. John (1776-1869)
2. Peter (1779-1859)
3. Hannah (married John Miller)
4. dau.
5. dau.
6. Daniel (1787- )
7. dau.
8. day.
9. Jonathan (1795-1881)
10. Salome (1797- ) (Varner)
11. Stephen David (1801-1886)
12. Sarah (1802 "over 14" in 1817 Orphan's court hearing and signed name with mark in petition for guardian)

Stephen David Grossnickle (called David) son of John and Elizabeth

Born June 27, 1801 (November 25, 1796?) Frederick, Co., MD (PA in 1850m census) aged 47 in second marriage record. Signed name with mark to petition for guardian in Orphan’s Court, in Cambria Co., PA. Listed as farmer in 1840 and 1850 census in Wayne Twp. Clermont Co., OH. German Baptist.

Will of 1883 left 77 acre home farm to be divided between sons, Daniel and Andrew, who were to pay cash to other 6 children and heirs of 7th. Died Octover 20, 1886, Newtonsville, Clermont Co., of lung fever from waiting in cold rain to kill wild turkey:; buried in Stouder Cemetary. Goshen Twp., Clermont Co.

Married 1st September 17, 1822 in Clermont Co. to Mary Weaver, daughter of Frederick and Elizabeth (Maugans) weaver; born Jan. 9, 1804, dies November 15, 1847, buried Stouder cemetary.


1. Elizabeth ( ) Whiting
2. John (1824-1865)
3. David (1828-1904)
4. Isiah (1830- )
5. Sarah Ann (1830- ) Watson
6. Catherine Ann (1831-1902) Cowin
7. Daniel (1833-1908)
8. Mary (1837- ) Whiting
9. Phoebe (1843- ) Marconette
10. Andrew (1844- )

Married June 1848 to Nancy ( ) Sheldon: born 1794 Nova Scotia, died 1868, "insane" in 1850 census, Marriage record said "widow'"aged "52", married first to ( ) Sheldon, one Sheldon daughter (Nancy born 1844, died 1923, not mentioned in stepfather's 1883 will, used Grosnickle name, married 1865 to David Soth.)

John Grossnickle, son of Stephen David and Mary

Born August 1824, Clermont Co. OH. Farmer in 1850 census in Wayne Twp., Clermont Co.

Died January 8, 1865 clermont Co. , buried Stouder Cemetery, Goshen Twp.

Married Oct. 2, 1845 to Deborah Whiting (called Debbie), born 1827, OH


1. Nancy (1847 ) David South (or is this confused with Nancy sheldon above?)
2. Sarah A. (1848- 1942) Isaac Stouder
3. David (1852- )
4. Frank May Griswold
5. Daniel (1854-1921)
6. Simon Peter (1858-1950)

Simon Peter Grosnickle, son of John and Deborah

Born January 30, 1858, Clermont Co. OH. In 1900 census in Wayne Twp. Clermont Co. School teacher and minister of Stonelick Church of the Brethren, Clermont Co., lived in Edenton-1951 church yearbook. Died December 1, 1950 near Edenton.buried in Edenton Celetary.
Married 1878(?) to Anna Garrison, born 1859, died 1897.


1. Guy (1879-1881)
2. Henry Earl (1880-1912)
3. Norman M. (1888-1963)
4. Jesse S. (1890-1974)
5. Pearl (1897- )

Married 190? to Adelaide

6. Vernal Equinox (1909-1979) (Only one to go to college, brilliant latin student, too smart for his own time "went off his trolley", according to nephew, Frances Grossnickle, son of Henry Earl.)
7. Ruth (1911 )

Henry Earl Grossnickle, called Earl, son of Simon Peter and Anna

Born November 20, 1880, Clermont Co. OH, Carpenter

Died May 29, 1912 (?) near Newtonsville, Clermont Co. of abdominal cancer.

Married 1900? to Minnie Frey, daughter of Charles and Rachel (Cramer) Frey, born 1883, died Jan. 1945. When her husband died she kept son Louis, Francis went with grandfather, Paul went with Cliff and Effie Cramer Johnson, cousin to Minnie. The Johnson's had lost a son Noah and had a crippled daughter named Margery. Paul's being with them didn't work out and he ended up in an orphanage until he was 13 or 14, then on his own.

1. Francis A. (1901-1993)
2. Paul Frederick (1903-1968)
3. Louis Lee (1906-1990?)

Francis A. Grossnickle, son of Henry Earl and Minnie

Born --- 1901, Clermont County, Ohio. After his father's death he was raised by his grandfather, Simon Peter.

Married Lily Marshall. Owned and operated a service station in Edenton, Ohio. Lived across the street from it until his death of emphysema in 1993. Served as township trustee and was active in the Stonelick Church of the Brethren. Married Evelyn (Slater) Grossnickle, widow of his brother Paul, in 1975, about five years after the death of his wife, Lily.
Died 1993, Edenton, buried Edenton Cemetary


1. Lyle:

Lyle had two children, a son Larry Lyle, and a daughter Lynn Ann. Lyle served 25 years on the Dayton Police Force. His son Larry Lyle, also served on the Dayton Police Force, from 1970, as did his son Jason, graduating from the Academy on February 9, 1996. On Thursday May 23, 1996, Jason, 25 years old, was shot and killed as he entered Third District Police Headquarters to start his shift. The gunman first shot a potato chip delivery man at a market a few blocks away, then drove the van to the police headquarters where officers were changing shifts and opened fire. Another young officer was shot in the jaw. Police returned fire and killed the gunman.

2. Robert:
         Married Margaret Louise Brown.
                Four sons: Dennis, Michael, Jeff and Richard.

3. Margie:
        Married Charles (Chuck) McComas.
               One son: Charles (Mackie).

Louis Lee Grossnickle (1906-1990?) went by Lou

Married to Irene Louise Snider. Minister. Was a missionary in Cuba for many years. Then lived in Florida. Daughter was with them in Cuba until highschool, then stayed with Evelyn and Paul until Lou and Irene came back to the states.


Louise Irene- married Louis Yeako, a minister, had three children, David, Joseph and Joy. Lives in Florida.

Paul Grossnickle, son of Henry Earl and Minnie.

Born January 9, 1903, Clermont Co. Ohio. His mother relinquished him at age 8 to Clermont Co., which placed him in foster home; difficult childhood with little nurture from foster home. Left to work with wheat harvest crews across the Dakotas. (Brother Francis remembers: Paul went with Cliff and Effie Cramer Johnson, cousin to Minnie. The Johnson’s had lost a son Noah and had a crippled daughter named Margery. Paul’s being with them didn’t work out and he ended up in an orphanage until he was 13 or 14, then on his own.) US Army service at Kelly Field, Texas with training in auto mechanics. Mechanic at Mariemont Inn in Cincinnati, Ohio. Owned garage 1931 (?) in Marathon, Ohio. 1936-37 share cropped near Newtonsville, Clermont Co., 1938-1940 in gargare work. Moved 1940 to Blanchester, Ohio, head mechanic in several garages then ran fender and body shop for Ford Garage 1945 (?) to 1968 retirement.

Died December 29, 1968 at son Earl's home in Lakeview Terrace, California.

Married March 15, 1923 Clermont Co. to Evelyn Ione Slater, daughter of Edward and Sarah Jane (Malott) Slater, born July 17, 1907, died March 7, 2002.


1. Earl Stanton (1924-1977)
2. Norman Keith (1925-1988)
3. Laurence Lee (1927-1999 )
4. Thelma Pauline (1928- ) Stackhouse

Earl Stanton Grossnickle (son of Paul and Evelyn)

Born February 7, 1924 Marathon, Clermont Co., Ohio
WWII service Army Air Force, wounded over Berlin August 1944, POW 1944-45 at Camp Lubeck, Germany. Math and science teacher Harveysburg -early '50's. Worked for GE and Baldwin Lima Hamilton Corp, then math analyst for Lockheed Aircraft Co, California 1957.
Died May 3, 1977 San Fernando, CA. Buried Edenton Cemetary, Ohio

Married October 13, 1945, Blanchester Ohio, to Ruth Marie Putman, daughter of Joe and Eva (Gibson) Putman, born February 6, 1927. Divorced 1958.


1. Anna Marie (July 13, 1946- ) Carlson, Hines
2. Nelda Earle (August 2, 1948- ) Houston
3. Joe Paul (July 22, 1951- )
4. Sue Ellen (August 31, 1954- ) Pritchett
5. John Edward (November 27, 1957- )

Married March 21, 1959, Las Vegas, NV to Shirley Irene Osborne, Born September 1, 1937

1. Earl Dean (April 10, 1958- ) uses Dean
2. Alan Jay (September 30, 1959- )

Norman Keith Grossnickle (son of Paul and Evelyn) used Keith

Born August 24, 1925, Marathon, Ohio.
Army career 1944-1974, medical retirement with heart ailment from childhood rheumatic fever.
Married March 15, 1948, Deggendorf, Germany to Mary Bruckmaier.\, born Jan. 15, 1923 Deggendorf.

1. Norman Paul (1947- ) uses Paul
2. son (born and died January 1950)
3. Terry Lynn (1951- ) daughter

Lawrence Lee Grossnickle (son of Paul and Evelyn)

Born January 16, 1927, Marathon, Ohio. Mailman, retired 1982 with heart ailment.
Married June 28, 1944 to Betty Lou Simpson, born May 4, 1926, Blanchester.


1. Linda Lou (1945- ) Walker
2. Larry Lee (1951- )
3. Bobbi Louise (1958- ) Wyatt
4. Barry Lynn (1962- )

Thelma Pauline (daughter of Paul and Evelyn) used Pauline

Born August 6, 1928, Marathon. Semi-invalid with heart ailment from childhood rheumatic fever (I'm surprised by "semi-invalid" description. I've always known Aunt Polly took medication and there was concern about her heart, but she has worked, raised her children and led as full and active a life as anyone else in the family."Anna)
Married April 13, 1946 to Richard J. Stackhouse (Dutch) born September 28, 1923.


1. Patricia Ann (1947- ) Michel Dickten, divorced, married Arnie Kinman
2. Christine Lynn (1949- )Mick Frederick
3. Darla Kay (1951- ) Martin, Dobbs
4. James Richard (1951-98 ) genetic birth syndrome-(Lawrence Beadle syndrome—Reginitus Pigmentation-legally blind, extra little fingers and toes, obesity) Died 7-5-98 Cardiomapathy

Anna Marie Grossnickle (daughter of Earl and Ruth) Hines

Born July 13, 1946, Cincinnati, OH
Author and Illustrator of children’s books (goes by Anna Grossnickle Hines)
Married 1965, Los Angeles, to Steven Carlson, divorced 1972


1. Bethany Paige, October 9, 1968 (Mann)

Married May 1995 to Robert Mann, San Francisco, CA
Child: Jacob Albert Mann-born October 12, 1995

2. Sarah Evelyn, June 18, 1971 (Stephens)

adopted by Gary 1984
Married Nathan Snippen Stephens, September, 1991, Twain Harte, CA
Children: Emmett Wise Stephens, born May 1, 2001
Violet Grace Stephens, April 8, 2004

Married June 19, 1976 Twain Harte, CA to Gary Hines.

3. Elly Lassen, September 8, 1979 (called Lassen)

      Married Brian Hinch, July 24th, 2004

Nelda Earle Grossnickle (daughter of Earl and Ruth) Houston

Born August 2, 1948, Blanchester, Ohio
Computer programmer
Married to Jack Houston, Maui, Hawaii,1976.


1. Kendel Lynn Houston 9/6/1960
2. Rebecca Carel Houston Healy 4/28/62
3. Stephany Michelle Houston 11/25/63

Joe Paul Grossnickle (son of Earl and Ruth)

Born July 22, 1951, Goshen, Ohio
Manager Riggins Engineering, Aerospace manufacturing, Van Nuys, CA
Married Sharon White 1975. Divorced 1987

1. Casey Eugene 9/30/1978

Married 1999, Brandy_____, divorced 2001
Child, Natalie Morgan, May 2000

Married Natalie, 2002
Children, Alora Avally, February 13, 2003, and CJ

2. Andy Joe 6/18/82

Married Nana , 1988


1. Crystal Michelle Porter 4/5/82
2. Jonathan Richard Porter 9/20/85

Sue Ellen Grossnickle (daughter of Earl and Ruth) Pritchett

Born August 31, 1954, Wilmington, OH
President /CEO, Trucking Co.
Married James Allen Pritchett, 1974


1. James Brian 12/2/79 (called Brian)
2. Kevin Earl 11/24/81

John Edward Grossnickle (son of Earl and Ruth)

Born November 27, 1957, San Fernando, CA
Journeyman machinist/NC programmer
Married Lisa Sabel, 1983


1. Heather Carole 12/29/85
2. Katlyn Ruth 2/3/88

Earl Dean Grossnickle (son of Earl and Shirley) uses Dean

Born April 10, 1958
Computer hardware technician
Married Mylene Snead, San Fernando, CA, 1978


1. Michelle Suzanne 4/29/78
2. Kelly Irene 11/17/79

Alan Jay Grossnickle (son of Earl and Shirley)

Born September 30, 1959
CMM programmer
Married Kathleen Stevenson (born Sept. 28, 1960), San Fernando, CA 1984


1. Paul Stanton 2/19/85
2. Laura Kathleen 3/20/86
3. Julie Christine 6/10/88
4. Renee Elizabeth 9/3/89

Norman Paul Grossnickle (son of Keith and Mary)

Born May 10, 1947
Married to Jean- no children—1967-68
Relationship with Melanie Haggard


1. Charissa Ann Grossnickle Aug. 25, 1977

Married to Janet Obitz

1. Shawn Paul May 21, 1986
2. Christina Maria 7/4/90

Terry Lynn Grossnickle (daughter of Keith and Mary)

Born August 28, 1951
Married June 3, 1972 to Milton Otto Marle, divorced


1. Ryan Jeffrey July 5, 1981
2. Loren Ashley July 21, 1983

Linda Lou Grossnickle (daughter of Lawrence and Betty Lou)

Born January 18, 1945
Married Donald Walker


1. David Wayne Jan.12 1962

Married Bonnie Sue Bray (born 5/28/61) 8/29/81
Child--Brooke Suzanne, Aug 10, 1982

Married Sharon Neace Robeson
Children: Craig Lawrence (David’s stepson)
Colleen Norma, April 4, 1984
Chad Donald, Aug.9,1985

2. Loree Lavone Feb 2, 1964

Married John T. Smith (born 3/2/64) 7/13/83
Stephanie Elizabeth 1985
Kelly Christine 7/13/87
Alissa Elaine 11/19/91
Jake Thomas 1/20/95

3. Daniel Wade June 8, 1965

Married May JoAnn Johnson
Child- Samantha Joann, 12/16/87

4. Lanna Louise April 2, 1967

Married to Lonnie J. Boyd (born 7/14/65) 12/10/88
Lacey Nicole Boyd, March 5, 1986
        Child: Beonnka Katerina12/8/2000, (
Eddie Hayhes)


Married Paul Edward (Eddie) Crone II (born 2/16/58)
Lizza Noelle 9/28/89
Paul Donald 4/4/91

5. Darren Ward Feb 12, 1971

Married Tabitha Horton (born 12/28/70) 12/30/89
Mallory Grace Carol 12/7/92
Austin Wayne 8/6/96

Larry Lee Grossnickle (son of Lawrence and Betty Lou)

Born November 17, 1951: died Auto accident ?
Manager Kroger’s Grocery
Retired-heart ailment (viral? cardiomapathy) heart transplant
Married Karen Lynn Phelps


1. Jason Lloyd Aug. 4, 1976
2. Bradley Joseph July 27, 1979
3. James Laurence March 9, 1982 (Jamie)

Bobbi Louise Grossnickle (daughter of Lawrence and Betty Lou)

Born February 11, 1958
Married Glenn Wyatt
Has dance studio in King’s Mills Ohio

1. Emily Robin October 10, 1980
2. Amanda Nikole May 19, 1983

Patricia Ann Stackhouse (daughter of Pauline and Richard)

Born May 1, 1947
Married March 19, 1966 to Michael Eugene Dicten- (Mike) Divorced

1. Jonathon Michael August 28, 1971
2. Joanna Marie August 30, 1973
3. Angela Suzanne May 11, 1977

Married Mat Evans
Child: Jordan Mellisa Evans January 17, 1996

Married Arnie Kinman

Christine Lynn Stackhouse (daughter of Pauline and Richard)

Born November 27, 1949
Married June 3, 1967 to Michael Eugene Frederick (Mick)

1. Michael Todd April 12, 1969 - (called Todd)

Married Jocelyn Kirkwood 9-18-93
Child: Zachary Michael 9/30/95

2. Brett Alan March 15, 1973

Married Elizabeth Ann Philhower 6/15/96
Child: J
acob Alan March 31, 1999

3. Kyle Brandon August 4, 1977

Married Melissa Rose Saurer 5/23/98
Karissa Rose 9/4/98
     Makenna Joelynn July 18, 2000

Darla Kay Stackhouse (daughter of Pauline and Richard)

Married Bill Martin-Divorced
Married Don Dobbs

1. Adam Robert January 19, 1980
2. Jealine Nickole 10/4/87

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