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My Work &
My Family

A Short Autobiography with Photos
Vita: Some facts about my life and family
Quilts, Dolls and Books: How they all fit together in my life.
Reports from:   2000  2001-2002  2003 & 2004

Pretty much everything on this website is about me and my family in one way or another. If you read the book pages, about how I created each one, or some of the articles, you'll learn a lot about my life and how I work.
Q & A: My Life and Family: More recent information.
  My Work: How I got started and how you might too.
  Publishing Companies: who they are & what they do.
These are the questions I'm most frequently asked and the answers cover most every thing I know about how to get published.   I don't know any short cuts!

Articles and Talks

Cover such topics as getting started, critiquing your writing, accepting rejections, tips for illustrators, voice of the picture book, encouraging kids to follow their dreams, and more.

Just a Spark or a Steady Fire?
First Book: Ecstacy and Panic
Reaching the Goal: The Magic Ingredient

Three of the "Articles" that are particularly revealing about my early career, and how it all started.
Gary: writer, songwriter, audio-visual-guy
Bethany: crafter, seamstress, blogger, writer
Sarah: writer, editor, garden teacher
Lassen: mural painter, 3-D artist, illustrator-to-be
My Mom:  quilter and... well...Mom!
Obviously I'm pretty proud of my husband, daughters, and Mom, also the son-in-laws and grandchildren. A really creative bunch!
Lucky me!!
Family Genealogy: Grossnickle
My mother's side is Put man and Gibson, but I don't have those typed up yet.


Grossnickle Newsletter: Old, but might help you get in touch.

The Grossnickles hold a reunion every October at the Grossnickel Church of the Brethren, in Myersville, Maryland, where the family settled in the 1700s. I attended in 2007 and was very welcome. 

Featured Quilter in Maria Michael's Newsletter, 2005
Who Wrote That? by Patricia Newman, California Kids, 2004

Not on my website, but places to learn more about me. Maria Michael's article includes photos of my Winter Lights quilts on exhibit in Santa Clarita.
My Books         Peaceful Pieces Trailer Two minute animated video featuring three poems from the book.

       I Am a Tryannosaurus Trailer

Very cute trailer created by appropo, our family company. Granddaughter Violet is the narrator. Two year old nephew says, "Again, again, again!"


Books:  Currently in Print:  
Books: Out of Print:  Legacy of long career!

Each book is pictured with a short descriptive blurb, publication information, and links to pages with material about the creation of the book, reviews, and sometimes, follow-up activities.

Complete List of Books Published: Except Curious George

This is a text only list and includes all awards and honors

Curious George Books: Yes, I do "classic" George.

I have illustrated 10 Curious George books so far. This page tells how that happened with daughter Sarah's help.

Five Favorite Out-of-Print Books on a DVD

My husband put together this great storytime DVD. Play one or all five. Also includes a clip of me talking a ob ut where and how I work.

Activity Pages: Things to Talk About, Story Starters,Things to Do

Coloring Pages:   Pages to print and color.

Computer Coloring Pages:   Download and click to color!

The Activities on these pages are connected with specific books, but parents and teachers may find some of the ideas useful even without the books. Included are projects in art, science, math, social studies and language arts.

The coloring pages include suggestions for using them creatively.
Peaceful Pages: Peacemakers
  Activities & Organizations for Peace
  The Peacemaker Legend     
PDF of Peacemaker Legend
Quilts in the Classroom:     Lots of ideas using my book PIECES
Math:    Triangles   Area    Counting
Language Arts:   Visual and Non-visual Symbols
Art:   The Meaning of Color and Value
    Playing with Color and Value
    Patterns for Paper Quilts
    Designs to Color
Links:   other sites with quilt activities
Winter Lights:    An activity guide from HarperCollins

Early Literacy

Read-Aloud Guide for Parents and Caregivers
Why Reading to Children is Important
Recommended Books for Reading Aloud

My Read-Aloud Guide offers tips for reading and selecting appropriate books for various ages.


A Little Jingle: Just for fun!

My husband recorded this as a public service radio spot to promote reading. If you can use it, please do!

Reading to a child for just 15 minutes a day
makes a HUGE difference...
and it's never too early to start!


For Quilters

Quilter's Page: I have illustrated five books with quilts.

This page tells a bit about each one, and links to pages where you can learn more.


Quilt's in a Children's Book: Article published in American Quilter

Tells the story of Pieces, and the beginning of my quilting career.

A Quilters' Gathering, New Hampshire, 2007

Quilts from Pieces, Whistling and Winter Lights were featured in a"Special Exhibit".

Making a Memory Quilt for Mom
Mom's Quilts

My quilting life began when we decided to make a quilt for Mom, a beautiful traditional quilter.
Patterns for Pieces Quilts Pieces Quilt: Directions & Diagrams
  Seasonal Symbols
  Noontime: Cows
  Rock and Roll: Tree

Recommend Books: On Writing, Illustrating and Creating


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