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The 2004 Report

2004 was a big year in our family. Sarah and Nathan added a baby girl in April and Lassen and Brian were married in July.

Back row: Brian's parents, Brian, Lassen, my mother, me, Gary, my stepmother. Front row: Nathan, Emmett, Jacob, Bethany, Sarah with Violet, and Robert.


Emmett was delighted to meet his baby sister Violet a few hours after her birth. He likes babies and is still happy about being a big brother. Now that he has a sister he thinks it would be nice to get a sister for Violet, too, but Mom and Dad think two's enough.

My grandsons continue to be two of the biggest pleasures in my life. Jacob and Emmett spent two weeks with us in July and we had lots of fun--although, I must say, it wore me out! I may be a glutton for punishment, but I'm looking forward to having them here again this summer.

And now I have happy little Violet Grace to enjoy, too.

I also enjoy my orchard and garden. We just planted blueberries, strawberries and rhubbarb to add to our healthy diet. And Gary and I walk by the ocean most days. Hopefully, this spring we will have the time to explore some new walking paths, especially those known for lots of wildflowers.

Since I finished the quilts for Winter Lights, I have been writing more poetry, exploring material for a YA novel, and working on several picture book ideas. Two of these I'm interested in illustrating with fabric. The third I'd like to illustrate in traditional media, but in a style that's different than what I've done in the past.

I'm excited to have time to explore these new possibilities.



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