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The 2003 Report

We are continuing to enjoy our wonderful home in the redwoods, and occasional visits from the kids and friends, who have to drive up this coast highway to get here.

We I am still working on the quilts for WINTER LIGHTS and have other writing and illustrating projects in the works as well.

Road to Gualala, taken by Scott Simpson creator of West of One.

One of the nicest things to happen to me in the last few months was to hear that little Emmett's favorite books—other than those about cars and trucks—are the ones written by his MoMA. That would be me.

Here he is with his mama last November, all decked out for the California rain. He was two years old May 1st.

My work focus is still on the quilts for Winter Lights and will be for the rest of the year.

Each poem and quilt in the book is about a different "winter light", some involving holidays and others about such things as candles, firelight, a flashlight under the covers, and sun sparkling on an icicle.

This one, done with bargello quilting, is about the northern lights, and the one below, a solstice bonfire.

This is the computer design, the most intricate so far. It is constructed with triangles, each 13/8 inches on a side and made with 19 pieces of fabric. Very tiny! It will take 650 triangles to complete the 18 x 30 inch quilt for the book.

Yes, I am crazy, but very pleased with the results so far.



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