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Piecing with Fabric and Paper:

Fabric Patterns to Piece:
Piecing is sewing pieces of fabric together into a larger piece, usually in a decorative design or pattern. Paper piecing is a method in which the fabric pieces are sewn onto a paper pattern—very helpful when working with small bits of fabric. I used paper piecing to create these symbols of the season for the cover of the book.  Click on an image to go to a printable pattern and directions.

NOTE: The patterns are designed to print on 81/2 x 11 inch paper. Each will make a 21/2 inch fabric square, not including the bordering 5/8 inch squares or triangles.  If the patterns do not print accurately, click here for PDF files.

For illustrated directions on paper piecing, also called foundation piecing, go to the How To's on the World Wide Quilting Page or this Practice Paper Piecing lesson by Marcia Hohn on her Quilter's Cache site.

The images below are from the "Pieces" quilt inside the book.  I put them in medallions by framing them in dark and light triangles instead of squares. Patterns are the same as above except that I had not yet figured out that some of the corners could be part of the background pieces, so there are some extra seams.

For directions on framing your design with squares, as shown above, or medallions, as below, click here.

Pieced Paper Designs:
Even if you can’t sew, you can create pieced designs using cut paper. I used plant and home decorating catalogs to make the designs below.  I like the textures the photographs add, but construction paper or other colored paper would work just fine.  Click on the images or names for printable patterns and directions.  Each pattern should be 4 inches square.  If they do not print accurately, click here for PDF files.  (Adding one inch squares around the outside of the design makes a 6 inch finished piece.)

Teachers: Framed or unframed designs made by students could be arranged on a bulletin board to make a class "quilt" display, perhaps alternating with plain colored squares.

Designs to Color:
Click on the image or name to print a coloring page.
Color several and paste them on a larger sheet to make a paper "quilt".

Seasonal Quilt to Color
Four Seasonal Symbols to Color: Bird, Butterfly, Pumpkin and Snowman
Four Seasonal Symbols to Color: Flowers, Cherries, Leaf, and Snowflake
Pieces Quilt

See Quilts in the Classroom for more ideas on using Pieces: A Year in Poems and Quilts with children.

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