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Quilts in the Classroom
Dear Teachers, Parents, and Librarians,
Wonderful projects and units are being done in classrooms at all grade levels using quilts and quilting.  The sites below were active as of February, 2011, but things change quickly on the web. A search will likely find many more.

If you have come to this page directly, please check out my ideas for Quilts in the Classroom

Anna Grossnickle Hines
Pieces: A Year in Poems and Quilts, Winter Lights, 1, 2 Buckle My Shoe & Peaceful Peaces

Links to Sites Using Quilts and Quilting in the Classroom:

EDSITEment has three Quilt Lesson Plans:
History in Quilts: for Grades 3-5.
Stories in Quilts: for Grades K-2 and
Family and Friendship in Quilts: for K-2

Quilter's Coloring Book: Not a lesson plan but dozens of quilts to print and color.

NoMatter What Shape Your Fractions Are In
: Again, not quilt designs but they could be.

Quilts: Signs of the Times:
Match the quilt pattern with its name.

Polygon Quilt:
A game for two players.

Keeping Us In Stitches:
Quiltmaking activities from the Illinois State Museum for grades 2-up.

My Town's Wall Quilt:
Grades 3-5

Alphabet Quilt:

Thanksgiving Quilt:
Printable page to decorate and color. Grades 1-4

Quilting With Children:
Includes links to other sites listed by grade level.

Quilting in the Classroom:
Year-long project that integrates activities from all curriculum areas.

PBS: America Quilts:
Includes reports of what others are doing in classrooms from elementary school through college.

Quilts and Children's Literature
: An article by Carol Hurst

: Quilts are often tessellating patterns. This lesson can be done interactively on the computer, or with manipulatives. 

Quilts, Quilters, Quilting, and Patchwork in Fiction for Children and Young Adults
: A Bibliography Maintained by Betty Reynolds